Sunday, February 24, 2008

chris-brad bests Movie Blog Boy, I think

chris-brad picked "The Bourne Ultimatum" right, and he's officially won for two years in a row. Our picks are the same from here on out.

Kudos to you! Curse my faith in Roderick Jaynes, editor of "No Country for Old Men," who actually doesn't exist, and who the show actually showed a picture of (as noted by one of my celebrity guests. It's a pseudonym for the Coen bros.)

chris-brad's "keener than a times reporter" crowning will take place some time this week.

NOTE: And as a famous celeb guest just said to me, staring me dead in the eye, "I think I'm going to watch the Oscars next year with chris-brad." Better get your milkshake recipes ready, punk.


Anonymous said...

Do you think we could have the Mayor ride me around downtown in one of his new SUVs? That would be pretty awesome!

On a serious note, I would like to thank Alexandyr for being so nice. It's nice to have a place to discuss and rant about films without being "flamed" and constantly corrected. I really do appreciate it. Keep up the great work, Alex!

Back to me now. My only regret is my winning record isn't translating to my public picks. Oh well...there's always next year for that as well. (Can anyone say three-peat?)

Anonymous said...

Hoepfully I will be home next year!

Even still, milkshakes will be out by that time... We'll have to see what flicks are making waves to determine my menu!