Sunday, February 24, 2008

The dame schtick was funny

Seth Rogen and Jonah will hilarious as presenters in the sound categories. Filling in for Judi Dench and Halle Berry, they argued about who best resembles Berry.

We've gotten a couple big categories already and our first upset: Marion Cotillard won best actress for "La Vie En Rose!" That should make The Shreve and supporters of the Robinson Film Center. The local nonprofit film center screened the French flick in Oct. or Nov.

Hooray for a movie The Shreve cinephiles actually had a chance seen!

chris-brad are tied at 5/12 so far.


Anonymous said...

OK, Alexandyr... What a losing streak this has become.

It is all going to come down to ONE category (since you and I have identical picks other than it): Film Editing --- If "Bourne" wins then I have bested you yet again. If "NCFOM" wins, well, there's always next year to redeem myself! And if neither of us are correct? I'll let you call the coin flip...

BTW, the Academy may want to consider hiring Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, and Michael Cera (dear George-Michael Bluth) to host next year!

Alexandyr Kent said...

Wow! I didn't notice that. I think you have a good shot with "Bourne" since it picked up the sound categories.

Anonymous said...

Whooo hooo!

But for the record, I did not choose Christopher Rouse and "...go ahead in the Oscar pool based on a guess." I chose him because he got the award from the American Cinema Editors' Guild.