Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Keke is cool; Alex is bald

Keke Palmer ("Akeelah and the Bee") visited Bethune Middle Academy today. She in Minden and northwest Louisiana shooting a Dimension Films pic with Ice Cube. After she spoke to students, she answered a few questions. Times photographer Douglas Collier took these shots and more. What did we learn?

Keke's a cool customer, camera phones are ubiquitous, and Alex is going bald. Holy widow's peak, Batman!

About visiting Bethune, Keke said, "I just hope to inspire these kids and help them to know what they want to do in life and be what they want to be." (PHOTO: Doug "Don't Steal My Pictures" Collier/The Times.)

Students listen to Keke Palmer's encouragement. About Shreveport and northwest Louisiana, she said, "It really reminds me of home. My grandmother’s from Mississippi … so I know that South kind of thing. It’s just good to be down here." (PHOTO: Doug Collier/The Times)

More students listen to Keke Palmer. She's been in northwest Louisiana before. She shot "Cleaner" with Samuel L. Jackson. Right now, she's shooting a Dimension Films pic with Ice Cube about a girl quarterback on a young boys' football team. (PHOTO: Doug Collier/The Times)

Keke Palmer sings a verse from her recent album, "So Uncool." "I really always loved Brandy and Aaliyah because every before acting, I never thought I was going to be an actor. I always thought I was going to be a singer,” she said. “Ever since I watched ‘Moesha,’ Brandy’s show, I always wanted to be a singer. She just really inspired me to do everything that I could because she was such a great person." (PHOTO: Doug Collier/The Times)

Seventh and eighth graders gathered in the Bethune Middle Academy auditorium to listen to the young actress speak. (PHOTO: Doug Collier/The Times)

Keke's visit to Bethune was arranged by the Women's Philanthropy Network.


Kathryn Usher said...

If you shave your head completely clean you claim you lost a bet. And then you very slowly let it grow back but keep it only about one inch long and then no one will notice. It worked for the KTBS weather guy.

Alexandyr Kent said...

That's funny! Sounds like too much work, though. My vanity isn't that complex. "Me bald. Me funny."