Friday, February 15, 2008

'The Great Debaters' takes top prize

The 39th annual NAACP Image Awards named "The Great Debaters" the best film of 2007. A head-shaven Denzel Washington took home the best actor trophy, and Jurnee Smollett and young Denzel Whitaker took home prizes too.


Said Washington, "I'm just so happy to see these young people get recognized."

What do you think of the awards? And did "Debaters" deserve Oscar noms this year?

PHOTO: Denzel Washington (Mel Tolson), Denzel Whitaker (James Farmer Jr) and Jurnee Smollett (Samantha) star in "The Great Debaters," which was shot in northwest Louisiana. (David Lee/Weinstein Co.)


mahogani said...

I sometimes hate that movies and actors like this have to wait until the Image Awards to get their due ... but I'm happy for the cast ... Jurnee (Sp?) definitely deserved hers but I would have rather seen Nate win than Denzel Whitaker ... but like Denzel (Washington) said, they're finally getting the recognition they deserve. They worked hard to put that movie out in a short period of time and the Golden Globes and SAGs snubbed them ... so hurray for the NAACP for doing good :)

Alexandyr Kent said...

Thanks, Mahogani. I thought this pic deserved more attention than it got. I don't think enough people saw it, though. Lacking buzz, I think "The Great Debaters" was largely overlooked. It did earn a best drama nomination from the Golden Globes. If it had earned a bit more box office, though, perhaps we'd be talking about it this week.