Friday, February 01, 2008

Enter The Times' Oscar contest

To me, the next few weeks are akin to following the Final Four. Until the Academy Awards broadcast on Feb. 24, I'll be fighting with friends, yelling at family and making strangers think I'm dense.

You can get in on the prognosticatin' action (hey-oh!) by entering the Times Oscar contest. Click here and enter your predictions for 10 categories. The contest is free to enter. Winners and runners-up get movie tickets. Entries are due 5 p.m. Feb. 20.

One catch: To win, you have to live in northwest Louisiana or east Texas. Read all the rules here.

I'll be making my predictions public on Oscar day with a team of forecasters. If you're interested in watching me get pummeled, log on to my blog during the broadcast. I'll be keeping a running tally of who's keener than a Times reporter. (I might need to start that list now, come to think of it.)


Chris-Brad said...

Hey Alexandyr,

Personally, I cannot wait to get my "Keener Than a Times Reporter" certificate. I even have a place for it on my wall!

And I will be seeing "TWWB" tonight. That is the last of the five biggies that I need to catch. Thank goodness someone finally got the flick to Shreveport. And too bad the local theatres don't offer a "Day of the Best" or something like that. One ticket. One day. All five flicks. Then let the moviegoers vote for the best and see what that result would be! That would be awesome.

Alexandyr Kent said...

That's a great marketing idea. You just made someone rich.

And you think you're getting a certificate? Big words from last year's champ. Can he back 'em up, folks? Can he?

Whatever happens, remember the line, "I'll drink your milkshake," as I expect one of us to be using it over and over again during the postmortem.

I know Chris Jay hopes you win, because he well knows that my reading of the line is among the most frightening impersonations in fanboy history. No joke. Goosebumps, I tell you. A real horrorshow.

Alexandyr Kent said...

Oh, wait. It's "I drink your milkshake." Just repeated it and scared the city govt reporter half to death.

Baily said...

Well, I posted my predictions. Let's just see if I can give you boys a run for your money..and the coveted "Keener Than a Times Reporter" certificate. It'll look nice over my desk next to my film degree.

Chris-Brad said...

Hey Alexandyr,

I just sent you an e-mail about "TWBB." (Not "TWWB" like I wrote up top!!!)

And out of curiosity, has anyone else noticed how the free popcorn on "Free Popcorn Tuesday" at one of our local cineplexes seems to always be stale? No wonder it's free.... Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

AMC theatres nationwide are doing just that where you get a pass to see all five films in one day for $30:

None around Shreveport though.