Friday, February 08, 2008

The Mole spots Malcolm at the movies

One of my best sources, The Mole, was at Tinseltown in The Shreve tonight for a screening of "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins." The Mole spotted none other than the director of the film, Malcolm D. Lee, who happens to be in town shooting "Soul Men."

Mr. Lee checking out his own film. How cool is that? You have to love a director who takes time out of his production schedule -- or at the very least, his little free time -- to see his movie with a local audience.

The Mole said that during the opening credits, the projection was screwed up. Ouch! Friday night, the director is in the house and he gets treated to that? Don't screw up the man's work!

I hope he got some free popcorn.

The Mole said the crowd got some good laughs out of the movie, and one baby got in a good cry.

We're not trying to scare you, Mr. Lee. But Movie Blog Boy has sources. (Most are sane, methinks.)

Has anybody else spotted stars/directors in local theaters? Jude Law at "Brokeback Mountain" remains one of our readers' most memorable sightings. Can you top it?

PHOTO CREDIT: David Lee/Universal Pictures.


Chris Jay said...

I actually think I can top the Jude Law thing (subjectively speaking, as it's hard to qualitatively decide what is 'tops'). I went to see an 8:00 PM-ish screening of the Simpsons Movie with some friends. We like to stay and watch the credits, and while we were doing so what looked like maybe a private security guard or plain-clothes policeman came in and just kind of folded his arms and watched us. I was the first one of my group to leave (I didn't feel the need to read about a million animators' names) and bumped right into Forest Whitaker and a younger boy waiting to go in. I don't know if he'd rented out the theater for a private viewing or what, but it was a funny moment.

A local regal employee told me once about bumping into Kal Penn outside of the theater, he was going to see "Black Snake Moan." I thought that was pretty a pretty funny spooting, too...

Alexandyr Kent said...

Did you geek out or play it cool?